28 Chemin du Grand-Puits 1217 Meyrin, GE
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Nv logistics holds a temperature controlled warehouse with total capacity of 460 m2 meant to fulfill the requirement of our biopharma clients regarding the storage of their sensitive products. Facility details:

  • Walk-in freezer – 20°C with capacity of 9m2 (4 Euro pallets)
  • Cold room +2°C à +8°C with capacity of 150m2 (80 Euro pallets)
  • Controlled room température (CRT) +15°C à 25°C with capacity of 60m2 (80 Euro pallets)
entrepôt3 entrepôt4
Cold room (+2°C à +8°C) CRT (+15°C à +25°C)

This warehouse is certified for the storage and distribution of therapeutic products (Whole seller authorization 1009990).
For more information click on the link:  Swissmedic 

We also offer a “handling & packing” service upon client’s request

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Moreover we hold our own temperature controlled vehicle  (warm/cold, temperature range from -20°C to +20°C) for your domestic transports of temperature sensitive products within Switzerland or neighbouring (within 1000 to 1500 km)