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Coldpack® technology

Airliner® Technology

Airliner® is made of multi-channels composed of small quantities of aluminum which fight very effectively against the three modes of heat transfer: radiation, convection and conduction. The following diagram illustrates this principle. The number of baffles is synonymous with performance level of the package.

technologie airline

Unmatched protection

Airliner® provides unsurpassed protection for the products transported: the inflatable air cushions protect the products from shocks which may occur during the transport.

Optimized logistics

Significant storage and handling savings.

Supplied deflated, it uses 96% less space in the warehouse than a “classic” rigid solution .

volume stockage


The Airliner® also shows clear environmental benefits.  A study based on the lifecycle of the Airliner® conducted in August 2007 by Pira International shows the comparison with traditional rigid foams.

masse des emballages
compared mass packaging at the end of its life
The manufacture of the Airliner® requires 50% less energy than polystyrene packing foam or similar. This package will therefore be less sensitive to price fluctuations of energy than conventional thermal packaging.
It should be noted that the Airliner® is shipped flat (deflated) which also leads to substantial energy savings.
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